The Making of an Influential Woman

The Making of an Influential Woman

The influential woman structures her entire life for success. She creates an inner and outer life environment for ideas to thrive, flourish and materialize. Her sphere of influence continues to broaden, and every victory is a significant confidence boost for her following statements. Communicating her goals and vision is perhaps just as important, or possibly more important, than simply having them.

”Dream big. Let people know what you want and how you’re going to get there.” – Evelyn Ackah


An influential woman is not made in one day; she continually grows and improves. Likened as a modern royal, she brilliantly manages the progression of her dreams. Whatever end of the dream spectrum she’s on, she fully embraces the process. Here’s a snapshot of the stages, roles, and relationships a woman experiences throughout her influence journey.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is essential to the influential woman. She has her own money, and she knows how to earn money and multiply it. She is either fully financially independent or actively working on being financially in charge. She’s always eager to take an active role in her and her household’s money management and financial planning. Money is critical to her independence because it gives her a world of options. She never has to rely on someone else to do what she wants because she can make things happen independently. Her future is in her own hands, and virtually nothing can get her way. This level of personal empowerment bleeds into every other area of her influence.

Empowering Relationships

Women of influence have connections. She empowers and mentors her friends to soar higher, but it goes both ways. The influential woman surrounds herself with an A-list squad, quality over quantity. It’s about surrounding herself with friends and mentors who can challenge her. Her friends are more like sisters and brothers; she’s choosy whom she lets in. In business, she’s a tactful problem solver and a practical yet empathetic listener. She hires team members she can trust and delegate to. An influential woman loves doing things right the first time. She’s never opposed to hiring niche advisors: business consultants, financial advisors, personal organizers, you name it! She doesn’t expect perfection from any of her relationships. Communication breakdowns and mistakes can be anticipated, but her commitment to dialogue and readjusting makes her relationships and projects stronger. An influential woman is bound to face opposition at times. Let’s face it; a naturally-gifted, beautiful, and strong woman will have haters. Even though she’d rather be at peace with everyone, she remains secure in who she is and what she’s doing.


The influential woman is a perpetual learner. For her, education refers to honing her skills and staying informed. Knowledge fuels her confidence and ability to make critical decisions along her journey. She seeks to improve herself at every level of her life. She’s an expert at being an expert. Open to learning new things, she knows her craft through and through. If she needs to master a new skill, she knows what it takes to pull it together. She’s a passionate learner of her niche industry, but general business education is always at the core of her pursuits. Her intuition and emotional intelligence are vital sources of guidance and self-teaching, and academic education. She remains in a continual state of self-discovery. Knowing what she wants is critical to perfecting her skills and reaching her goals.


Success is a balancing act for an influential woman. Her aggressiveness to move projects forward extends what she’s previously built. Her latest and most fabulous idea is part of a long narrative; it’s all part of the journey of success she’s been making for a long time. Courage is seated in her ability to move past her reservations. Her assertiveness in leadership is tempered with empathy for team members. Ego strength gives her confidence in her ability to overcome challenges. As she grows in self-worth, resilience, and fearlessness, she tries to remain unaffected by the negative energy and discouragement. Passion comes from knowing when to leave patience in its tracks and go for it. It’s a delicate dance, but she can calculate risk, grab her opportunities, and soar above the clouds after much consideration and preparation.


An influential woman is a creative, innovative risk-taker. She’s experienced the incredible rewards of having a vision and taking significant risks. The courage to put herself out there is a testament to her leadership, even the most talented visionary cannot fully envision the fantastic breakthroughs that wait on the other side of risk. Despite the challenges of shortsightedness, she can recognize her current status while propelling forward to a new plateau of influence. Her creative genius doesn’t begin and end with herself. She surrounds herself with an innovative team that constantly challenges themselves and the status quo.


An influential woman has the capacity and drives to be excellent at many things. She’s a classy woman, and her sense of style permeates every area of her life. There is elegance and etiquette to both her inner and outer life. Her level of style enables her to present herself in the best way. Her apparel, beauty regimen, interior décor, etiquette, and ability to speak intelligently reflect her cohesive love for beauty. Everything about her fashion tastes reflects a modern royal. She has a distinct sartorial taste that she calls her own. Her penchant for a classic silhouette and color palette never keeps her from rocking an excellent statement look. They are always tastefully exhibited when she takes fashion risks – never overly trendy, never out of style. Her speech is also refined. She’s ready to take on any topic or even stand against injustices in the world – she’s passionate with a tempered approach.


An influential woman creates a healthy life conducive to reaching her dreams. She puts her best self forward through exercise, proper diet, hygiene, and grooming. She prevents exhaustion through meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, massage therapy, down-time, and getting as much sleep as possible. She is not averse to hiring a personal trainer or life coach to keep her physical or mental game strong. Keeping her energy up is foremost. She knows that she’ll require significant power to move her dreams forward with longevity. She wants the bandwidth to excel through hard work while sustaining her mental health against debilitating burnout and stress. Her goals are worth every ounce of exertion when it comes down to it. You’ll never find her stuck on ‘empty’; she’llcycle back and refuel her tank to reach her dreams.


Stressors come in many packages; it takes a discerning woman to recognize them and respond accordingly. Changes, loss of property or loved ones, technology failures, and relationship frictions are possible stress triggers. Let’s face it, life happens, and not everything will always go her way, but the influential woman does everything possible to protect her ambitions. Resistance comes with anything worth fighting for. Everyone deals with stress differently, yet she strives to keep calm and collected in the face of adversity. She counters stress with emotional intelligence, which gives her the ability to feel and appear comfortable in high-pressure environments. Of course, she’s not perfect, and it’s not an ideal world, but she still possesses the resilience to see it through.


The influential woman doesn’t mind being the center of attention. She emanates strength when she walks into a room, all eyes on her. She’s unapologetically who she is every single day of her life. She has within herself the ideas to make the world a better place and secure herself a solid financial future. Her confidence compensates for her weaknesses. She can speak for herself and voice what she wants because... they advance her closer to her goals. She is thriving and loves to celebrate life and her victories with the people she brings into her life. She embodies star power and shines effortlessly with the air of a modern royal woman.