Welcome to Hottie+Lord!

Welcome to Hottie+Lord!

We're honored that you're in love with our garments and have made it over to our storybook. We are here to praise the beautifully-dressed woman. Please stay in the loop, and email subscribe to get our post notifications straight to your inbox.

"Hottie+Lord delivers fearless, powerful style of a rare, coveted quality to women who exude modern royalty."

"We celebrate dressing beautifully and all the doors it opens in a woman's life."

beautifully Dressed Woman

Dressing Well is admirable; dressing to showcase the "modern royal" within you will take your style goals to the next level. Dressing for success is a solo venture regarding the doors it opens and the decisions you make along the way, but that doesn't mean, as style-conscious women, we're not all in this together. We're excited to see the Hottie+Lord community grow and thrive in all areas of interaction: blog comments, social media replies/engagement, emails, and calls. And, of course, tag us on all social media with #HottieandLord so we can see you donning your newest pieces!!

"Modern royals create their paths, whether by building a business, honing a personal brand or climbing the corporate ranks despite all odds."

The goal is to be a woman who looks great in her clothes while dressing up or dressing down. Make a Hottie+Lord purchase and count on every piece looking luxurious, whether you're flaunting a jacquard dress or sporting high-waist skinny pants. Wearing clothing with a tailored fit, exquisite fabrics, and high-end construction is nothing but dreamy. Once you pull together your overall look with hairstyle and accessories, you have a look that you can be proud of every day.

"Luxury and quality construction is synonymous with Hottie+Lord."

A confident woman always leaves her mark; she commands the room. You carry yourself well and have confidence when you dress beautifully. You radiate self-respect and self-worth when you walk into a room. Elevating your image standards inspires you to do well in every other area of your life. Your focus is turned to quality. Your outlook helps you to go after the life you want. It might inspire you to eat better and to get fit. Many women who dress well are also passionate about improving the appearance of their homes through interior decorating.

"Dressing well elevates all your style choices, even in the simple basics."

Dressing well is the best start to a Successful day. It improves other's image of you and shows how well you care for yourself. You seem more trustworthy and are taken more seriously. They listen to what you say; your opinions have more weight. You become someone who has more control of who you are. Future employers or business partners equate your attention to detail with your potential to succeed. Your style tells them you probably live a lifestyle to match.

"Hottie+Lord' Woman. Our garments are consistent with her style, life goals, and budget, as an unstoppable, today's woman."

Making power moves starts with dressing the power role, and people are more likely to treat you like one. Dressing the part is just one step towards reaching your goals as the woman you were meant to be, and looking fabulous is the beginning of your self-actualization.