H + L Woman

Hottie + Lord delivers the fearless, powerful style of rare and coveted quality to women who exude modern royalty. Modern Royals create their own paths, whether by building a business, honing a personal brand or climbing the corporate ranks despite all odds. Inspired by our customer’s ferocity and love of on-point style, we deliver frequent, fresh, and relevant style at our customer’s spending sweet spot, never receding into fast-fashion or overlapping with “too expensive.” Our production standards rival - and sometimes even exceed - those of the world’s top designer brands thanks to our self-owned manufacturing facilities. Our focus on quality and deep understanding of our customer’s needs are the two driving forces behind each decision we make, from our social media and e-commerce design to our next-level customer service. Our mission is to make sure our Modern Royal is always the best-dressed in the room, whether she’s running the board meeting or toasting to her latest success with friends.